At least two Filipino fishermen have been arrested for “illegal fishing” off Miri in Borneo, a Malaysian news site reported late Tuesday. One of the Filipinos had a passport while the other had no personal documents. It said the maritime authorities’ action stemmed from the complaints of local fishermen over the competition from foreign counterparts. Local fishermen are also worried such continued illegal fishing may encourage illegals to go to Miri waters and pose a security threat to residents. Also, the report said Malaysian authorities warned a hefty fine and jail term await those found guilty of illegal fishing, especially now that the shrimp harvest season is peaking in Miri. Commander Syed Nor Adli Syed Abdul Rahman, Malaysian Maritime Agency operations director in Miri, said foreign fishermen who lack a permit from Malaysia could be fined up to RM1 million (roughly P12,076,918) and jailed. In the last few days, the Malaysian Maritime Agency in Miri seized two boats of foreign fishermen illegally fishing in the area. So far, it seized two foreign fiberglass fishing boats off Miri’s shores. Both boats had no Malaysian-registered permit to fish or boat registration number.

Source: GMA News