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Two Chinese cargo ships are troubled in South China sea off Vietnam coast, product tanker CHEM SINYOO and general cargo ship DONG YANGCHEM SINYOO issued distress signal at around 1200 LT (UTC +7) Dec 21, reporting engine room accident – 1 crew died, 4 were injured, in need of immediate medical assistance. Vietnamese CG, Navy and Maritime Safety sent ships to assist, all other passing or fishing ships in the area were asked to assist if possible. Tanker is en route from Singapore to China.

At 0838 LT (UTC +7) Dec 21 general cargo ship DONG YANG issued distress signal, reporting sinking, in need of immediate evacuation. The ship developed 25 degree list in stormy weather, turned back trying to diminish waves impact. Later it was reported, that 10 crew left the ship on a life raft. SAR is under way, coordinated by Vietnamese MRCC.

Dec 23 UPDATE: Vietnam MRCC directed 2 ships in the vicinity to rescue 10 crew, namely LPG tanker AL SAMRIYA (IMO 9388821) and container ship JPO PISCES (IMO 9297852), all 10 were rescued, 1 of them suffering from injures. DONG YANG reportedly, sank.



Source: https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/32117/two-chinese-cargo-ships-troubled-south-china-sea-o/