A shuttle ferry sank off Manila Bay Sunday night amid big waves, heavy rain and strong winds brought by Typhoon Luis (Kalmaegi). Many of the crewmembers were traumatized after being separated from each other when the Super Shuttle Ferry 7 sank. The crewmembers held on aboard life rafts for two hours after the ferry sank at about 8 p.m. Coast Guard rescue teams found them off the Baywalk area at 10 p.m. Fourteen of the 15 crewmembers were initially found. They were shivering from the cold and had difficulty walking. One had difficulty even sitting because of body pains. He said they failed to save most of their belongings and escaped with only a few documents and their mobile phones. The 15th crewmember, a security guard of the vessel, was found at midnight. He said he clung on to a piece of plywood.

Source: GMA News