On or about 04 July 14, the Honduras-registered product tanker Moresby 9 carrying 2,200 metric tons of MGO was boarded by unknown number of attackers at about 34 NM from the Anambas Islands, Indonesia in the South China Sea. Regional navies and enforcement agencies were alerted of the attack. The Indonesian Navy made it to the attack site, but was unable to locate the ship. Since then, the owners have made contact with the ship, although its location and status remain unknown.

Moresby 9 had a previous incident in 2013, but siphoning of fuel was foiled by the presence of Malaysian authorities at the incident. This is thought to be the seventh known case of coastal tankers being hijacked for their cargoes of diesel or gas oil reported in the last three months, sparking fears of a new trend in pirate attacks in the area.

Source: Commercial Crime Services