Task Force Ilahas members safeguarding the Damutan Valley in Barangay Damutan, Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental have received threats from a poacher, task force head Jose Ma. Valencia said. The forest guards received the threats during the December holidays, said Valencia, also the provincial legal officer. He said the poacher may have threatened the forest guards because he could not retrieve the logs that the suspect and his cohorts cut last month. The task force head did not give specific circumstances surrounding the threat. He said he has already ordered the forest guards to go down the valley. Police officers in Manapla are now guarding the area, he said. The suspect allegedly cut one of the two remaining kamagong trees—a threatened wood species—in Damutan Valley. The provincial government will also allocate a special budget to beef up operations against forest poachers, he said.

Source: Panay News Philippines