NAVAL STATION JOSE ANDRADA, Manila – The Philippine Navy Modernization Office (PNMO) was activated on September 30, in a simple ceremony at the PN headquarters here presided by the Navy flag officer in command, Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo Bacordo.

The activation of this new modernization office was in parallel with the creation of the AFPs System Engineering Office (AFPSEO) in the General Headquarters (GHQ) that manages modernization programs at the GHQ level.

In his remarks, the Navy chief said that “The PNMO is expected to cater to the self-reliant defense posture of the Navy and ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the PN Synchronization Matrix that covers Capability, Materiel, and Technology Development, Doctrines Development, Force Restructuring and Organizational Development, Human Resource Development and finally, Base Support and Sustainment Development”.

PNMOs newly designated director is Navy Capt. Emerson David, a naval aviator and logistician. He was the Assistant Chief of Unified Command Staff for Logistics, U4 of the Western Command prior to this post. He now forms part of the FOIC, PNs Special Staff who specifically address the concerns of the PNMP as well as ensure the synchronization of programming and implementation of Navy modernization projects.

Captain David, in his remarks, recognized the gargantuan task that lies ahead of the newly-activated office “from organizing, structuring, and running the system in order to achieve the desired outcomes out of the mandate that has been entrusted to us the future of the Filipino people through a modern and multi-capable naval force partly lies within the realms of the new office.”

This simple activation ceremony demonstrated the PNs focus, dedication and commitment to the pursuit of improved PN capabilities and organizational reforms to better serve the Filipino people.