On or about 02 1700H Feb 16, traces of oil leakage were found and was immediately reported to Coast Guard Station Batangas while Chevron Corporation crew were conducting fuel loading operations to one of its time-chartered vessels M/T “Sunrise Sampaguita”. The said loading operations was immediately suspended when they noticed that oil was starting to leak and spread out on the water.

The crew hurriedly laid approximately 200 meters of oil spill boom, absorbent booms and pads at 5:25PM. Out of the reported 100 liters of bunk fuel that was accidentally discharged during the operations, a total of 60 liters of spilled bunker fuel and 5 drums of oily water mixture were recovered from the sea and wharf platform.

Initial investigation revealed that said oil spill resulted from the leakage at the distribution pipeline installed from the pier to the depot. Meanwhile, Coast Guard District Southern Tagalog Marine Environmental Protection Unit proceeded to the area of incident this morning to conduct inspection and further assessment and monitoring in the area.

Source: Philippine Coast Guard