Photo courtesy of Kalayaan Municipal Information Office (MIO) || File photo/ctto.

China or any other foreign nation has no business telling the Philippines what to do inside its sovereign waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Opposition Senator Francis ‘’Kiko’’ Pangillinan, president of the Liberal Party (LP), stressed this as a comment on China’s call urging the Philippines to stop maritime exercises in the South China saying it would ‘’escalate disputes’’ in the area.

“We will do freely what we deem necessary in our sovereign waters,’’ he said.

‘’Our history as a people is marked by our valiant struggles against Spanish, American, and Japanese occupying forces in defense of our Motherland. We fought for our sovereignty then, we most certainly will refuse to surrender any of it now,’’ he added.

Earlier, Senator Grace Poe said that ‘’our presence in the West Philippine Sea is an unyielding display that we are standing our ground on what is ours and securing our people’s productive access to our marine resources.’’

‘’We must stand firm against illegal occupants in our waters,’’ she stressed.


‘’The Philippines’ friendship with its fellow nations must pave the way for common respect and rules-based approach in maintaining peace and stability in our waters,’’ she added. (MB)