Passenger-cargo vessel “M/V Danica Joy 2” 998.52 Gross Tonnage, owned and operated by Aleson Shipping Lines and skippered by Captain Ramil Cabeltes accidentally capsized in the water at vicinity waters of Zamboanga City Pier last September 22.

The said vessel arrived at Zamboanga City from Sandakan, Malaysia with forty (40) crew and seven hundred ninety nine (799) passengers onboard.

Reports from Coast Guard Station Zamboanga disclosed that while M/V Danica Joy 2 was docked on her port side at Zamboanga City Pier when she suddenly listed to the starboard side. She then took in seawater which caused her to capsize.

Immediately, upon receipt of the report, CGS Zamboanga personnel together with its Operational Control Units, dispatched a Quick Response Team (QRT) to provide necessary assistance to the distressed vessel.

Initial investigation revealed that the uneven distribution of her cargoes weight aboard caused her to heel to starboard side and eventually capsize.

Twelve (12) segments of oil spill boom were laid out to contain possible oil leakage from the said vessel.

Source: Philippine Coast Guard