On or about 17 May 2016, three Thai fishing boat captains have escaped from custody in Indonesia after their vessels were seized with dozens of trafficked foreign fishermen on board. The captains were detained on April 12 when they were found operating trawlers under Malaysian flags that were fishing off Kalimantan, Indonesia’s part of Borneo island, said Sumono Darwinto, chief of the local fishing office in Pontianak.He said the captains escaped on May 7 after scaling the wall of their detention center in the middle of the night, and are being sought by police and military officials. Eight other Thai crew members remain in detention.The Fisheries Ministry in Jakarta said the 79 crew members from Cambodia and Myanmar were identified as victims of trafficking, and most had fake Thai travel documents.Cambodia’s Foreign Ministry has said 54 of its citizens were found on the boats after having been lured into taking jobs that promised high salaries and large bonuses for bringing in a lot of fish.

Source: ABC News