The general cargo ship Nicky grounded in Azov-Don Sea Canal near Uzyak, Russia. The vessel was entering the port of Rostov-na-Don with pilot on board, but left the shipping way and hardly stuck into a sandbank, grounding hardly and failed to refloat by own power. The local authorities were informed about the accident and at the scene of the grounded vessel was dispatched tug, but first attempts for refloat were unsuccessful. The general cargo ship Nicky remain grounded during the night and attempts for salvage will be considered again during the morning after possible offloading of some ballast. In case of new failure, the part of cargo on board will be offloaded as well.

During the grounding there were no injured people and no water pollution. The area around the grounded cargo ship is under monitoring, due to possible breaches of the hull. The local authorities requested underwater survey of the cargo ship before trying to refloat her again.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way. The traffic in the canam was not closed after grounding, but hampered during refloating attempts. The navigation warning to seafarers was sent in relation with the grounded cargo ship.

Source: Maritime Herald