The general cargo ship Lintas Belawan caught fire off Masalembu Islands in Indonesia. The fire erupted in engine room from short circuit in one of the diesel generators and extended to the whole compartment and super structure. The crew started firefighting, but after estimated that cannot get control over the flames, asked the local authorities for assistance.

At the scene of the burning general cargo ship Lintas Belawan was dispatched one tug and a rescue boat. All the 19 seamen on board of the cargo vessel were evacuated to the rescue boat and transferred to Tanjung Perak, while Coast Guard tug started firefighting.

The Indonesian Coast guard vessel continue firefighting, but there is big danger for the seaworthiness of the cargo ship Lintas Belawan. “Thank God that all the people on board were evacuated without injuries. there are no victims from the burning vessel, but strong winds seriously kindle the fire”, said the Head of Public Relations of Kesyahbandaran Office of Indonesian Coast guard.