Beijing on Tuesday 30 Dec 2014 launched a website for an uninhabited island chain in the East China Sea, in its latest bid to assert sovereignty over an archipelago controlled by Japan. The new website,, was unveiled by China’s National Marine Data and Information Service. It came as a trio of Chinese coast guard vessels made their latest patrol of the waters surrounding the archipelago, according to a notice posted on the website of the State Oceanic Administration. Featuring a Chinese flag on its front page, the new website displays legal documents, maps and a timeline dating back to 1403, the year Beijing claims the islands’ Mandarin name first appeared in writings. The documents on the website “provide strong evidence, from both a historical and legal perspective, that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times,” the official Xinhua news agency wrote. It added that the site, which is currently available only in Chinese, will soon be launched in at least seven other languages, including Japanese.

Source: GMA News