FleetMon file photo.

General cargo ship NAM KHANH 36 suffered a blackout in the morning Oct 25 in Binh Dinh Province waters, south central Vietnam, while en route from Quy Nhon to Haiphong with 1,830 tons of flour on board. The ship drifted and hits coastal reefs, breaching her hull and suffering water ingress. The ship ran aground on the beach, reportedly intentionally to avoid sinking. Crew are safe. There are several cargo ships under the name NAM KHANH and following numbers, understood the one in question is general cargo ship NAM KHANH 36, no AIS since Oct 1.





Source: https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/31373/cargo-ship-hits-reefs-intentionally-grounded-vietn/