On or about 26 Mar 16, a ferry boat carrying at least 105 people sank in the sea in the afternoon of Black Saturday, killing the 90-year-old boat operator and prompting a swift rescue that saved the rest on board. Police Officer 1 Noel Calmante said rescue boats from the Philippine Coast Guard based in this province and the Rapu-Rapu Municipal Police Station (MPS) were quick to come to the aid of the sinking “M/B St. Therese” at 2:29 p.m. However, its boat operator – Teodolo Agarin – suffered an apparent heart attack and died while the boat was sinking. Based on our initial investigation, a hard object struck the engine and punctured a hole in the hull so the boat took in water, Calmante said. He said the boat was not overloaded since its capacity is for 150 passengers and it only had 93 passengers plus 12 crew members when it left the Port of Legazpi.

Source: Manila Bulletin