On or about 16 0230H Apr 15, five (5) robbers armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier underway at around 4.6NM SSE of Nipah Islands, Indonesia (LAT 01º03’0”N, 103º40’0”E) and entered the engine room store unnoticed. Duty oiler on routine rounds was threatened with a knife and tied up. The third engineer noticed the robbers and raised the alarm resulting in the robbers escaping with stolen ship stores. VTIS informed. Singapore Coast Guard boarded the vessel for investigation.

On or about 20 2258H Apr 15, pirates armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier ship underway at around 42NM North of Tioman Island, Malaysia (03º37’3”N, 104º18’0”E). They took hostage all crew members, stole ship’s and crew cash, properties, documents and crew personal belongings and escaped. No injuries to crew. Incident reported to Vietnam Maritime Security Center.

Source: Commercial Crime Services