In a record-setting event, the Australian Border Force carried out a seizure of methamphetamine, which is valued at US $1.1 billion. 1.8 tonnes of meth was discovered hidden inside marble tiles. The containers were shipped from the United Arab Emirates.

The Australian Border Force seized containers from Port Botany based on received intelligence. The object under suspicion was filled with slabs of marble. 750 kg of meth was found when the slabs of marble were destroyed. This led to the arrest and charging of three men aged 24, 26, and 34.

Last week, another similar shipment of marble slabs at the same port yielded 1,050 kgs of meth. There have been no further arrests made on account of the second batch. The 1.8-tonne seizure is the largest that has ever been made in Australia.

On a related note, a vintage Bentley was found at the same port carrying cocaine and methamphetamine. The car showed anomalies when it was scanned by X-Ray, leading to the discovery. According to the BBC, Australia has the highest use of meth per capita, with one in 20 people in Australia have used the drug at least once.