Police over the weekend intercepted some 31 drums of suspected stolen crude oil in the seaside area of Barangay Lapasan in Cagayan de Oro City. A Bantay Dagat watchman alerted police after seeing the drums to be loaded on a pump boat, GMA Northern Mindanao’s Francis Damit reported Monday 16 Feb 15. The police arrested four men believed involved in the operation – Jimmy Bernaise, 54; Joel Dalumangcad, 28; Teodulfo Ranoa, 71; and Simplicio Nacua, 41. Police said their initial investigation showed the drums of crude oil were stolen and being sold in the streets. Estenzo also noted the drums bore the name of an oil company. For their part, the suspects said they were merely ordered to load the drums. They declined to identify who gave the order. The police are tracking down the owner of the drums, and are preparing possible theft and smuggling charges against the four.

Source: GMA News