On or about 28 May 2016, a 31-year-old fisherman died after a bottle of dynamite he used in fishing exploded on him in Barangay Sonog, San Francisco. Dionisio Bensig Jr. was allegedly about to throw the bottle of dynamite to the seawater when it exploded on his hand. His companion Lito Avila was also hit and got wounded. Police Officer 3 Jose Florentino of San Francisco Police Station said that a fisherman was killed in Barangay Sonog. He then proceeded to the area together with PO3 Rey Prosia and investigated the incident. Bensig and Avila, a resident of Barangay Cabonga-an, reportedly went on dynamite fishing off the seawaters of Barangay Sonog. Based on the investigation, Bensig was about to throw the bottle of dynamite when it exploded on his left hand. The victim suffered serious injuries in the different parts of his body and his left hand also got mutilated by the dynamite. Bensig and Avila were brought to Ricardo Maningo District Hospital but the former was declared dead on arrival. Avila was referred to a hospital in Cebu City for further medical attention. According to Florentino, some of the fishermen in the town still use dynamite in fishing although in discreet because of the police and barangay’s intensive campaign against dynamite fishing.

Source: Philipines Star